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caitlin H

Georgia RPG?

Hi All!
I've been a member of several Georgia communities for awhile, but never posted to introduce myself or anything yet. I'm Caitlin, and I read these books this year, in ninth grade. I actually heard about the books when I was in, like, seventh grade, but didn't get around to reading them until then. I absolutely adore them, and have read and listened to each countless times. I even find myself using some of Georgia's expressions. Very scary.
Now, I'm not really into RPG's, but I think it might be fun to start one on LJ for Georgia. Is there already one, and, if there isn't, how many of you would be interested in my making a community for it? The members could comment with the character they wanted to roleplay, and I would okay it. Then they could make a journal for that character, add the other characters, and all that stuff. Then, like, every two weeks we could write a section from each book from our character's point of view, in installments or whatever. Obviously, Georgia's is also a journal, so the person who plays Georgia would sort of add more details and change the info a bit, to make it interesting. It'd be lots of fun, I think! And we'd gradually work through all the books, which would take a nice long time.
Let me know what you think...Thanks a lot!
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